About ZedenVogue Armour

“Ars Sine Scientia Nihil Est”
Dracherz|EM Cooperative

Dracherz|EM (EM = Elektro Motive) is the founding member of the APFU|CC™ (Anarcho Pacifica Federated Union for Cooperative-Capitalists). The name Dracherz is a Germanish portmanteau or portmanteau word, a mashup of Drache or Dragon and Herz or Heart.

The Makers of Dracherz will use a unique formula of wetware, software, and hardware to express an otherworldly fashion sense. Inspired by humankind’s millennia of cultural experiments in material, texture, form, and colour the result is our ZedenVogue Armour line of cyberphysical apparel, peripherals, and accessories.

Designed to be powerful, smart, and uncommonly fashion forward, this collaborative effort in ArtScience more clearly defines previous notions of Tech Couture with specificity, select technologies will enable our Community of Practice to curate designs for each Patron at an unprecedented level of attention to detail and economy.

Expect precision measurement, studied selection of cutting-edge materials, and real-time prototype modeling of each Patron’s garment facilitates digital-enabled precision handwork for each protective garment and assurance of transcendent beauty, unsurpassed functionality, practicality, and durability.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
R. Buckminster Fuller